Fnoob Techno Vol. 1

We are releasing this album to highlight and promote the quality shows and producers we play everyday on Fnoob Techno Radio. It’s free, too. We believe in what we do and we know our techno rocks.

Big respect to the artists themselves without whom this album would not be possible: Ben Sonley for dreaming the dream and making it all possible, Joe Flanagan for walking the walk and scheduling the possible, Paul Spectrum for scheduling the impossible and talking the talk, Julia Leary for just being willing, Carolina Sanchez Medina for her saintly patience, and all the residents of Fnoob Techno who give it up without much complaint.

Why you should listen to Fnoob Techno.

Our residents are some of the best. If it's worth listening to, most likely you’ll hear it here first. If you know your techno then you’ll know our residents and shows deliver.