This is the official form for requesting a show on FNOOB TV. We appreciate your patience and your time in filling this form out as carefully as possible.

Important notes about this form and our DJ/show selection process:
Submitting this form does not guarantee a show. If you are asked to become a regular show presenter, we will do our best to accommodate your show frequency and day/time preferences. If you want to provide a guest special or singular performance then let us know in the form below.  If you have a show idea concept you want to discuss with us then please do – We are open to ideas and appreciate creativity!

We want to provide quality content that shows both you (DJ/performer) and us (stream provider) in a professional way. We will require you to provide us a link to a video performance you’ve done. If you do not have a video to show us which is already in the public domain then please provide a clip at least 60 seconds in length to [email protected] titled “Fnoob TV submission.

With regards to professionalism,  We expect the following: 

1080pixel (HD) camera

Direct Audio connection 

Green Screen capabilities

We are happy to discuss these requirements further should you wish to talk specifics with our TV crew. 

If your situation or links change, or you wish to submit a more recent mix before you are contacted, it is appropriate to fill this form out again.