Techno aficionados, dust off your dancing trainers and prepare to get off your ‘record’ boxes. We’ve pulled together some of the station’s top plastic. They’ve been doing the rounds on the Fnoob airwaves. Here are three tunes to check out.

Zonal – Rathmut EP (Bunker Records)

1.Level Z (Original Mix)(05:48)
2.Maud (Original Mix) (06:08)
3.Rathmut (Original Mix) (05:25)

You can always trust BUNK3R R3CORDS to bang out dark, edgy techno. For the label’s latest release, UK-based Zonal produces a solid collection of tracks on this new EP. ‘Rathmut’ is the stand-out track. A thuggish attitude that generates an atmosphere of prognosticated anxiety. The blunt-edged metallic riff bores into the soundstage with a rhythmic hook. And, as the gut-punching kick drum hits square in the chest, it sends us deeper into the shadows. Mighty and commanding.

Asquith – Time Warp (Lobster Theremin)

1.Time Warp (Club Mix) 06:22
2.Back To Danny’s (Ripped CD Mix) 04:33
3.Enter The Core 05:37
4.Clapton Rider (Original Mix) 05:16

Jimmy Asquith’s tasty four-tracker transports us back in time to the Halcyon days of 90’s Rave. ‘Back to Danny’s and ‘Clapton Rider’ provide hardcore/junglists with a sweet sensation. Whereas, ‘Enter the core’ goes straight into the techno warehouse. Featuring snub-nosed drums and ravy-gravy riffs. Title track ‘Time Warp’ is an old-school banger with Eeeeeelishous appeal. Chiming chords and bleeps plenty, get your bucket hat it’s time to head to an abandoned quarry somewhere off the M6. Old school nostalgia gave me goosebumps.

Rodiaz – North Path

1.Rodiaz – North Path (Original Mix) 06:18
2.Rodiaz – Connectors (Original Mix) 05:34
3.Rodiaz – Chance Encounters (Original Mix) 06:24
4.Rodiaz – North Path (Zotodorpo Remix) 05:43
5.Rodiaz – Connectors (Illiya Korniyenko Remix) 07:23

The main tracks, ‘North Path’ and ‘Connectors’ are great but ‘Chance Encounters’ mind-blowing. It’s the wee side room with the unknown DJ that you stumble upon, and made your night. We find ourselves stepping into a dark room, strobes aplenty, and the party going off at full pelt. Hazy hypnotic synths added to thumping percussion and burring noises. Collide to form a rhythmic jig lost in a sea of bodies. Rodiaz builds it up with jacked-up beats and random noises with a furious effect. An infectious groove that spirals out of control. An absolute, chomping monster of a track.

Trudge – Self Love Club (Lobster Theremin)

1.Ice On My Neck 05:55
2.Self Love Club 06:33
3.Bird Ghost 07:54
4.Night Shift 07:44

French techno producer Trudge makes his debut appearance on Lobster Theremin. This scorching 4-track EP is a winner, every track is the mutts nuts. From the quality of production to the magnitude of the effect it has on the listener… it’s Epic with a capital ‘E’. The tracks that flicks my switch is the emotionally charged Self Love Club. It glitters and shines with loved-up intensity. Play this and watch it tear down walls and rip the roof off. Uplifting, hands in the air stuff that’s straight into my top ten… with love.

John Warwick – The New Groove

1.The new groove (original mix) 07.33
2.Blazing a trail to oblivion 07.00
3.The new groove ( JW’s 4am remix) 07.34

John Warwick (Fnoob PRIMAL RHYTHMS) releases eclectic funkiness with, ‘The New Groove EP’. Pitched-down and old-school. ‘The New Groove’ beats roll into timely percussion before a dirty bass groove grinds it out. Retro Arcade game sounds, sizzle, and flare. Blending with chopped-up beats and swirling pads. JW’s 4 am mix is a more direct cut. Subtle nuances differ but it’s infectious and packed full of attitude. Whereas, ‘Blazing A Trail To Oblivion’ is a spaced-out, trippy number. Left-field sounds that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Weatherall-style set.

Out now at all good record stores.

Various Artists – Against The Grain (MINDCUTX01)

1.NZM 99 – Bitch System 04:35
2.Unified Method – Heavy Cretan Industry 05:34
3.Rowka – Slither 05:30
4.Martyn Hare – I Saw Myself Dying 05:47
5.ANDROM – Floating Heads 07:27
6.Sunkenface – Murv’s Revenge 05:13
7.Tess – Deidre (Instrumental) 06:11
8.Bunkerterror – Bootlicker 06:01
9.Ivan Szew – Blinded 05:07
10.CTSD – Snap 05:50
11.ID10-T – Tonalware 05:41
12.Violent – Replicant 05:51
13.Kris Goad – Sin, Death, and the Devil 05:47
14.iFormat & Duellist – Lair of Horror 05:50
15.Mila Steiner – Dead and Buried 05:35
16.Architektur – Ekstase 05:01

Mindcut’s digital offshoot goes straight for the jugular. This 16-track album showcases some of the very best underground artists. On the first play, you might think you’re listening to a post-apocalyptic movie score. Think, “unrated” Mad Max meets raw techno, and you are almost there. ID10-T’s ‘Tonalware’, a big beefy brute (Lord Humungous) with a track of forceful intent and aversion. The main rhythmic hook strikes a ferocious groove.

NZM 99 – Bitch System is the soundtrack for finding yourself standing on the wrong side of town . Neon lights flicker and signs advertise rooms to rent by the hour, eyes stare out of the darkness. Sassy sounds to make your skin crawl.

Martyn Hare’s ‘I saw myself Dying’ is an audio interpretation of a fried mind witnessing erasure. A crescendo of noise buzzes with electric energy, applying pressure and repeating. Edgy and enlightening.

iFormat & Duellist’s ‘Lair Of Horror’ says it all for me. It is audio Pulp Fiction with a good dose of Cyberpunk thrown in for good measure. Dark and foreboding vibes throughout and hard techno going, ‘against the grain’.

X01 is a tour de force of musical anarchy, vivid in the characterisation of anxieties of the near future.