Michael D Knox makes his debut on Section 15 with hard and driving techno to blow the lid off

Michael D Knox – Propulsion EP (Section15)

Michael D Knox – Propulsion (Original Mix)
Michael D Knox – Serotonin (Original Mix)
Michael D Knox – Tumbler (Original Mix)
Michael D Knox – Propulsion (Graham Walsh Remix)
Michael D Knox – Serotonin ( RAAB Remix)
Michael D Knox – Serotonin (Tess Remix)
Michael D Knox – Tumbler (Oris Remix)

Michael D Knox drops three heavy industrial/hardcore techno bangers. The title track, ‘Propulsion’ rides a distorted kick drum, varying synth patterns, and whirring sirens. The result is a sonic barrage of sound. ‘Serotonin’ is turbo-charged with Michael’s trademark grungy acid lines and slick drops. For ‘Tumbler’ he uses a hypnotic bass synth to weave in and out of the soundstage. Dropping jacked-up drums that swell the low-end and deliver a face-melting belter.

The remix package offers plenty of variation. If you like it hard, Label Boss, Graham Walsh’s stripped-back remix of ‘Propulsion’ is a tour de force of thumping beats. RAAB’s remix of ‘Serotonin’ is excellent his programming cranks up a groove that delivers an infectious workout. Similarly, Tess reworks the arrangement, adding analogue warmth before banging it out. Corrupt Systems label boss Oris takes ‘Tumbler’ and turns it into a bass-quaking stomper.

A solid EP, full of no-nonsense bangers and raw energy. It has to be an essential purchase for hard techno fans. Out now.