fnoobtechno.com is run by a crew of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about techno and the underground techno community. We thought it’d be nice for you all to get to know us individually. So to kick off what will be a series of interviews with those who work behind the scene to give you the music you want to hear, we’ve had a chat with Msstec AKA LVDS, schedule manager for Tuesdays. A DJ and a budding producer in her own right, she has inspired tracks to be named after her, and had her photo splashed on record covers. Msstec is one of our own.

Q. How did you get involved with Fnoob?

A. I was a listener. let’s say 8 years ago. I listened 24/7! I was stuck at home due to some personal issues in my life that needed solving, and at that time the (fnoob techno show) events were really a thing on facebook and I used to go from event to event. I met a lot of like-minded people .

There were shows that stood out, such as “The Insomniac Freakshow” on Sundays. I got asked by the host of the show, Danny Heling aka Insomniac Freak, to do a guest set. I did it, and from that moment, I became a resident and got asked to be a manager by Paul Clarke who was director of fnoob techno at that time. That was probably 5-6 years ago. I kind a just rolled in to it!

Q. What drives you to do the role you do?

A. That’s easy. my resident DJs, the music and Fnoob itself. I count my blessings every day being part of the station. I owe Fnoob so much, it gave me a voice, friends, a purpose and above all Techno.

Q. What s been the highlight since being a part of Fnoob?

A. So many things! Playing abroad in different countries and meeting a lot of online friends. Hiring new residents is always a joy and hearing them smash it out on air is a total bliss. Being able to provide a platform to DJs so they can express themselves and be part of our underground community is a highlight every day.

A highlight was also being cover model for RIOT Radio Records! Also being a headliner with Jamie Ball for the Lick in Scotland. (more to come about both these entities in the future!)

RIOT · MssTec DJ set on RIOT – 19th July 2019

Q. What do you think will happen in the future or what would you like to happen?

A. What I hope and with good will will happen, is that Fnoob stands on its own and evolves like Techno. That the community spirit keeps buzzing, and that we see our DJs getting more and more gigs. (I hope) That there will be more Fnoob live events in every part of this world. No egos, not about the fame, just about music and coming together to celebrate that. Also that everyone who listens techno knows Fnoob without it being commercial.

Q. If there was some advice that you could give ,what would it be ?

A. Stay humble, play for the passion not for the fashion and above all be kind. Stop nagging about others or sharing your opinions…..it makes you look like a knob head! Go back to the essence and that is music. Look out for the quality tunes that tick your boxes and give it recognition. Talk music instead as politics. Nobody is superior. Help others where you can and share experiences/knowledge. Leave the ego at home. Respect everyone’s personal taste. Plus never turn your back on music, it’s loyal to a fault.

Q. You have released music and you DJ, any plans around this for the future?

A. Always some things on the table! This corona virus is a big stick in the wheel, it makes it hard to plan things in advance at the moment. That being said I’d love to visit Scotland again soon and continue what I did before, doing my day on Fnoob, travel around to get connected – meet all my Tuesday residents in person + DJs from other days who I have contact with. Whatever comes in my path and is manageable really.

Also I want to continue with my shows – “Deviant Behaviour” which is 4 weekly on Sunday, “What The Fnoob!!”A show I host with Martin Lindsay AKA Retribute every 4 weeks on Sunday and of course “Tenacity”, a joint project with Kev Boustead (Monday schedule manager) on Tuesday every 8 weeks.

Thanks Msstec AKA LVDS – we love you, your Tuesdays, your shows, your energy and your compassion – Don’t go changing!