(This interview has reproduced with kind permission of Indiefferential Magazine and ZUZANAH)

where can we find you right now and what you were up to?

Where can you find me right now, I keep my gigs up-to-date On my socials (see below for ZUZANAH’s links), when I don’t have a gig, I dedicate my time to streaming on twitch.

A platform that gives me freedom of what I want to play and how long I want to play.

We are ever growing a lovely community. I spend on average about 15 hours a week streaming.

What am I up to? – I dedicate all my free time to search for music or curating selections for gig/stream.

The rest, I work, sleep and repeat.

Tell us a bit about your influences my influences…

My influences are mainly the local names from the London scene: Antonio De Angelis, Arnaud La Texier, Luke Slater – but also Dasha Rush and the list can go on. Those mentioned are the main “look up to people“ I adore wholeheartedly.

How did you start?

I started with a mindset I would like to know how to play. It was all for fun and made me for myself, until I had a first gig booking. Then it started taking a slightly different direction on a more serious note. So I started dedicating the majority of my time to music and playing on the streams. They’re not only crucial for polishing my skills they push me to be better, because there are people watching and listening.

How will artists be influenced by the rapid change in technology in the future in your opinion? What will change?

I am not too sure how to imagine this. I myself started in the digital era, there are things that I like to do and things I don’t want to accept. I suppose everyone finds their comfort in something else. I found what works for me. But where the future will take us to remains question mark. What will change, I honestly can’t imagine this.

What obstacles does an emerging artist test face in our time?

Well, quite a lot, but I believe it all depends how dedicated you are to your hobby or doing what you love – practice, progress, setting up, goals. I know many people started at the same time I did.

And only some still continue working hard and pushing hard. You constantly need resources to buy new gear, music. It is not cheap hobby for sure.

But it’s very fulfilling.You need to prove you are worthy of being part of a lineup, that you have what it takes, and you have something to offer. 


Being female definitely can be super hard, but I have been part of some great lineups. The space in the running system can be quite tight, and you just have to keep working hard to make it through. There is always a fail before success, embrace it.

In what way in your opinion, could someone get real fans?

To get real fans? Offer (the) real you! Music speaks louder than you do. Music can tell a lot about a person.

So you transmit in each moment of your set the energy that flows from within you, and people pick it up. They really do. so I suppose based on their experience of your set, you have a win or a loss. Of course we cannot please everyone, you have been given a slot to get them, and it’s up to you what you make it.

 What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I have many goals in 2023, one of them is, I wish to play in neighbouring country and that is Poland.

Other goals I will keep for myself and work hard for them.

I’m expecting successful years ahead. I don’t think five years ahead. I live now; the present moment is what is in my interest.

You can make plans for weeks months, ahead, plans and ideas, but tomorrow is never promised. Unless the answer : I will be rich and happy satisfies you, LOL, jokes aside. I don’t know.

What is your favourite movie? What would you suggest to our readers?

My favourite movie is “5 feet apart“ beautiful, life story of two people. I’ve seen it about 5 to 6 times already. But I generally do not have time for TV, time is precious and you get what you invest. TV doesn’t bring me Joy nor food to the table.

Tell us about your latest upcoming release.

I do not produce yet, therefore no upcoming releases from me.

All current content could be found on my socials, SoundCloud twitch Facebook. I stream three times a week if time allows, we always have lots of fun and great music. Thank you for the invite and let’s make 2023 successful joyful, loving year. Z

“Success requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn from failures.”

Catch ZUZANAH on with her show 101 on Sundays 2-4pm every four weeks