technostate are honoured to present Dutch techno stalwarts, Kipa and Bass Collectors, with their Technostate Inc. show to our radio on Mondays 5pm UK time (18hrs CEST). 

So, who is Technostate Inc.?

Technostate Inc. champion the underground sound of techno. Technostate Inc. was founded in January 2015 by Bass Collectors and started as a counterbalance against the larger, already established dance-event organizations in the Netherlands.


Technostate Inc. have organized more than 30 events in the Netherlands in collaboration with various clubs/venues and befriended techno organizations. A few of the clubs/venues they have already worked with include: Subsonic (Groningen), Club Hemingway (Leeuwarden), Neushoorn (Leeuwarden), Club Cinema (Amsterdam), Club ABE (Amsterdam), Magistrat (Den Haag) and John Doe (Amsterdam). Furthermore they host their own annual Technostate Inc. Showcase at ADE in the 50:Hertz Techno Café Rembrandt Square (Amsterdam) usually on the first day of Amsterdam Dance Event (If you’re going to ADE- don’t miss it!)

Over the past few years Technostate Inc. have been priviliged to organize some amazing outdoor events. They are the official partner/host of the infamous Play! Festival and host stages on Kingsday Outdoor Leeuwarden (Club Hemingway) and Unmute Us (Groningen). Technostate Inc. pack a party punch taking control of  the artist line-up, stage-setup, lighting and decorations.

technostate small

The concept that Technostate Inc. seeks to offer is unique. They believe that instead of depending on the club/venue to do most of the work, Technostate Inc. aims on making their events successful through taking control, building long lasting relationships  venue partners,  rather than having a fun t one-off event.

They cite collaboration as key to their success, “supporting each other and joining forces to achieve our common goals.  Together we are united and we do what we promise. Also on this end, Technostate Inc. feels that a long-term relationship has more value than a one-time performance. In this relation, sharing the same mindset and drive is key, taking the cooperation between artist and organization to a whole new level.”

Curious about the sound of Technostate Inc.? Every Monday we’re back on air with our weekly Technostate Inc. Radio Showcase on Fnoob Techno Radio.

Basscollectors in action


Bass Collectors (Minitech Recordings/Pure Dope Digital) is a techno DJ/Producer from the Northern part of the Netherlands and founder/owner of Technostate Inc.


Performing live on stage he has a clear preference for the underground sound within techno. Every set comes to you with sheer force, bright vocals, acid riffs, rave sounds and a hard pounding bass. Therefore his energetic sound fully captures the heart and soul of modern techno.


In recent years he has performed in various clubs such as De Lichtfabriek (Haarlem), Neushoorn (Leeuwarden), Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam), Club JACK (Amsterdam), Magistrat (Den Haag), Spot48 (Luxembourg), Kultur Projekt (Munich), Bullitt Club (Munich), Club Hemingway (Leeuwarden) and John Doe (Amsterdam).


Privileged to share stages with great (inter)national artists such as Dave Clarke, Miss Djax, Devid Dega, Loco & Jam, Juliet Fox, Dolby D, Noseda, Minitech Project, AVE, Bilboni, Zett Feral, Steve Mulder and many more.


BAM! Anything goes. Give and get.

A set performed by Kipa is open-minded, but with a clear preference: underground.

When searching for sounds Kipa is always looking for the non-commercial sounds. Digging up those gems is fun and intresting to do. Playing them is a adventure on its own.

Inspired by the ritch and full genre that techno beholds, he never stops exploring the genre and even crossing lines with Electro, Techhouse and Warehouse tunes.

Together with some great roots like the 303 and 808/909, he takes is audience on a journey.

When performing , the audience is key ! Kipa wants them to enjoy to the fullest and the utmost. By mixing energetic techno.

Looking up the depth of this incredible music stream, his sound is energetic and with deep spacy soundscapes.

Kipa is tremendously fond of building up depth and sphere to trigger the audience with full-on techno, not letting anybody escape from the high driven technosound he creates.

Demo’s, mixing and producing is what makes Kipa a creative Dj/producer with his own recognisable sound.

Acid, oldskool feel and splendid soundscapes are the red thread in Kipa’s mixes combined with a never-ending love for a rolling bass.

High driven techno, the new skool way.