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Resident DJ List

Fnoob Techno Resident DJ List

We have an international selection of residents on Fnoob. We like it that way. We really appreciate their fantastic contribution to our community and the techno scene. Please click on their names to follow, like or get in touch with them.

(List updated 03 March 2021 – Artist name with show name in brackets)

Monday Residents

909 Resistance (Rave Echoes Podcast with Guests)|
Adrian Short (Turbulent Flow with Adrian Short)|
Antonio Lombardo (Auditory Agnosia – Antonio Lombardo)|
Aurelio Mendoza (Jamz Sessions)|
Bartski (Axiomcast)|
Binah (Tenth Aesthetic with Guests)|
Callum Watson (Monday Night Fever)|
Chris Van Deer (Castle Time)|
Clownarmy (Clownfest)|
Dan Crowley (The Late Surgery|Dr Dan and guests)|
Darren Broomhead (Code Leeds podcast)|
DJ Stretch (Mind Burn Techno Sessions)|
Double Ungood (Techno Delivery Systems Radio)|
eee.e (uncompromised!)|
Fabrice Torricella (Dogs Of Doom w/ Fabrice Torricella)|
Gabros (Reload podcast)|
Guilliame Leerdam (No Title Podcast)|
Heliosheath (Exploratory Frequencies)|
HYBRIDCELLJamie GrenegerDarr Qwann (IWFTA/OCTANE)|
infra-RED (PatternØne)|
Johny Malha (Techno Culture – Johny Malha)|
Kimika (LA Techno resident)|
Leon Immense (Mutate Mondays)|
Mal Hombre (Nasty Habitz w/ Mal Hombre)|
Mark Neenan (Filthcast)|
Mark TherbligJosh Moseley (JAXXXCAST/Matoid Kollecktive)|
Mike Wunderblock[Wunderblock Podcast]|
Thalia (Pure Connect | Thalia)|
Movement Traxx (Movement Traxx invites\Richard T)|
Paul Dockery (Emergence Radio – Paul Dockery)|
Resistohr aka PETDuo (Phonk Transmissions)|
Revolt podcast (Revolt podcast Invites [Kraft Code])|
Sa Scha (Variouz Kaoz Monday Madness)|
Skish(IM RAUSCH MIT MUKKE w/ Skish)|
Stingrays (Relocked Podcast hosted by Colin Chen)|
Taigo Onez (Chicago Techno)|
Technostate Inc  (Technostate Inc)|
Tim Vitek (Grid Based Beats Podcast)|
Tyler Smith (Empty Space Podcast)|
Victor PG (Down The Rabbit Hole – Victor PG)|
Viking (‘No Quarter’ pres. By Viking)|

Tuesday Residents

B-Vek (Frequency Device)|
DJaided (Existential ft. DJAIDED)|
Dj Cover (The Cover Up!)|
Dj Leo Cotrozo (Austral Symposium)|
DJ Pottsy (Audio Outpost)|
DKSTLE & Anatta (The Outsiders)|
Erik Yahnkovf (Reflection)|
Peter Blackfish (PROELIUM)|
Harry Torres (Harry Torres podcast)|
iOLO (Toolbox)|
Johnny 5 ( (Abuse your confusion feat. Johnny 5)| )|
Kuetzal (Quarantine)|
Matty E(On-Cet)|
Paulo AV (Hyperthermic Techno)|
Rebelle(Patagonia ravers ft. Rebelle)|
Retribute (Retribution Radio Show)|
Rossco (Rossco presents Wave Theory)|
Soylent Black (Technoir)|
Torca (Inteligencia Artificial)|
Xpaly & Perham (Rabbit Psychosis vol.)|

Wednesday Residents
ARAZ (Contortion)|
Audioscum (Geometry Fuzz )|
Cosmic Connection (Dance Impulse)|
Deacon Brodie (Sanctorum)|
Devil Girl (Devil Cake Techno)|
DJ Marz(Techno Quest with DJ Marz)|
Fil DeviousT.o.M (Direct Waveform)|
Kerim Bey (The Brain Stem Symphony)|
Lofty(The Lofty Fubar Techno Project)|
MaxBetta (Acid Varsity)|
MusicKey (Technodromm)|
Oddio J (Distant Rumble)|
DJ Eks (Obscur Sessions)|
Peter Jay (The Storm)|
Philosopher (Technological Determinism)|
Reäkttor (Acid Ghetto Sessions)|
Sari Postol (The Casimir Effect)|
Sektion 106 (The Fish Tank Sessions & Material Consideration)|
Steve Walker, quE (Inverted Light Source)|
Zuni (Doppler Shift)|
Thursday Residents
Athena (Dance Manipultation)|
Avishag (Avishag Techno Show)|
Basscontroll (Rave Qontrol)|
Bjorn Zimmerman (Polyshapes Techno Therapy)|
Chang & Aono (SIN-ON)|
Charmaine Stumpf(Techno Snobbery by Charminator)|
D3stortion (Technosphere by D3STORTION)|

DJ FleshBot (HYDRLX)|
DJ Konstantinus (Beat Code Star Show)|
DuisTer (Duister Radio Podcast)|
Emanuele Vizza (Tech Clubbers Podcast)|
Eternal Basement (Science Faction Techno by Michael Kohlbecker A.K.A Eternal Basement)|
Fong (Melodic Rave Party with DJ Glen Vade)|
Infidelis Records (Infidelis Podcast)|
Inhumano (Misunderstood Inhumans by DJ Inhumano) |
Jack Aura (Never Without Techno)|
Jay Flekx (Assimilation Recordings Podcast)|
Joey Lambs – Techno Addicts Belgium|
Kimmy 6.6.6(Rave Retreat Radio by Kimmy6.6.6)|
Leen & Daf (Eternal Underground Darkness)|
Lo-Tech (Lo-tech Monthly by Complex)|
Luix Spectrum (Wicked Waves Podcast)|
Luke Magner(Luke Magner presents Loop)|
Ken Sekiguchi (Moon Mission Recordings Show)|
Matt Ess (Room 1408)|
Mik Izif (Music From Exo-Planet Radio Show)|
Oleg PW(Absolutely Dark Records Podcast)|
Mike James (Psychodads)|

Redize(Evolution by Redize)|
Rodrigo Corona (Dark Nebula)
Sado Mascho (Art of Techno Destruction)|
Specialist (Arrhythmia by the Specialist)|
TechKwando (INTO Session)|
Terror (Bajo Astral)

Vain Nofler (Technopolis)|
Vanina Buniak (Fried Techno)|
Victor Violence (Core Target Techno)|
X-Raum (Underground Sessions by X-Raum)|
Friday Residents

909RIOT (Techno Helpline)|
Arkanzas (Alien connection)|
Audiopirate (Musicbox Therapy)|
Atze Ton (Industrial Bedlam)|
Drumatick (Blacklist)|
Ellie (SENSE)|
E-Viction (Industrial Bedlam/Technophobia)|
Echobeat (Space Monkeys)|
Groove Daniel (Techniche)|
Ivan Gafer AKA Orphan (Low End Therapy)|
Jockster (Techtonic)|
Isca Nublar (Techno Helpline)|
Marvin Jarvis (Direct Waves Podcast)|
Miss L (Confused Emotions)|
Pedro Leite (Audiobeats)|
Wayne DJC (Techsource)|

Saturday Residents

Andreas Sarmanis (Son of Man Sessions)|
Angelo Rizzo (Angelo Rizzo) |
Bertin Bom (Hypnotic by Ambiophonic)|
Bleeping Tom (Bliepcast)|
Byron Giliam (Ground Control)|
Daftax (Void Spaces with Daftax)| |
Daniel Wohlfahrt (Bärenstark Techno Berlin)|
Dan Toomey (Active Meditation)|
Diana Claudio(Diana Claudio – Dark Frequency)| |
DJ JAC J (MindTrip)|
DJ Tuttle (Modulhertz Podcast)|
Donald van Schilt (SPOOR)|
Emanuel Hitower (HTWR Sessions)|
Fabiano Luche (Dark Mind)|
Guidewire (Type III podcast)|
Guilherme Krause (Cerebelo Podcast)|
Henrique N. (Henrique N) |
Hxagrm Records Podcast (Hxagrm Records Podcast)|
Jannik Pfeiffer (Maschinen AKA Jannik Pfeiffer)| |
Juan Marcelo de Antoni Niell (Season in the Abyss by Juan Marcelo de Antoni Niell)| |
Ken Cooke (Analogue Kaos)|
Lester Fitzpatrick>(Saturdays Mindburn techno by Lester Fitzpatrick) ||
Lionel 6 (Usual Suspects Present Lionel6)| |
Liquid Static (The Hot Cue)|
Manu Breta(Elapse- Manu Breta)| |
Mark Angel (Format Fm)|
Marti.B (Marti. B)|
Max Damiani (Max Damiani)|
Oscillator– Techno X 2) ||
Ralle and Frau Hause(Our Passion Ralle and Frau Hause) |
Sarcomae (Sarcomae)|
SLLAV (SIIAV with Concrete Stories)| |
The Self (The Self presents The Collective Unconscious)|
Thomas Kelly (Presents: UnderGroove)|
Triangular Patch (Technononsense with Triangular Patch)|
Vasili Carlson (Notes from the Overground – Vasili Carlson) |)|
Wirelab records(Wirelab Radio by Wirelab Records)|

Sunday Residents
Ade Radford (Somerset Sessions with Ade Radford)|
Adriana Vega(BLOK WORLD RADIO with Adriana Vega)|
Bawn Trubble (Vicious Circle Podcast )|
Bossa(Fly with Bossa Airwings)|
DAB(R-Evolution with DAB)|
Jetzer(We are resistance with JETZER)|
Kenty(The Frequency Files )|
Meterwerx(All things techno – Meterwerx )|
Rah(Transference with Rah)|
Siasia (Dirty Stuff Podcast with Siasia)|
Thales Constantini(Thales Constantini Presents)|
Tom Nihil(Nihilism)|
Tony FC Keta(Dark Techno Zone)|
Voodoopriester(Voodoo: Ritual)|
Zuzanah(101 with Zuzanah)|

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