Understated Italian producer and DJ, Alex Rampol, brings his unique sound to Tuesday nights: 

Alex Rampol, born in Italy in 1980, began to appreciate electronic music through listening to the dance music of the 90s. He was immediately attracted to the techno sound; He’d found his thing and 90’s techno was the musical genre that drove his passion.

He became immersed in music production in 1998, unaware that that passion will live with him and motivate him for years to come.

From 2008 he began to collaborate with his first record labels, his sound covered the various sub-genres of techno.

Despite the years passing, Alex hasn’t mellowed so much as gotten harder, his sound is still definitely Techno.

Alex has worked with a host of worldwide labels, many underground friends of fnoobtechno.com including Filth Infatuated Digital, Trigonometryk, Technological Records, Cayden Records, Ushuaia Music and De-konstrukt. 

Alex offers a style he defines as  rather “techno-minimalist. “These days you can still hear his passion whilst he enjoys djing, dropping bangers on his Shake your ass show.

Naughty Pills Records / NPR Limitless · NAUGHTY PILLS Podcast #075 – ALEX RAMPOL

Catch Alex’s “Shake your ass” show every four weeks at 7pm UK time 20hrs CET on Tuesday nights on fnoobtechno.com. Next show on Tuesday 2 June 2020. 

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