Chile has a special place in heart of The first broadcasts on the original fnoob techno channel on were all programmed in Santiago back in 2010. So we’re always happy to showcase the sounds of the Chilean underground. Tuesday resident DKSTLE is definitely underground and definitely on the up: 

Daniella Castillo AKA DKSTLE defines her sound as “Powerful bass lines, hard and hypnotic sounds” and feels that’s what made her stand out at the the various places she’s performed. 

Since childhood she has had a strong close relationship with music; she is passionate about the arts, especially singing, modern dance, and the mixing of sounds with various programs and instruments.

This ‘Santiaguina’ (Female from Santiago) began her DJ career at the early age of  14 years old, enthusiastically spending all her free time mixing it up. In 2016 she decided to pursue DJing professionally after intensely searching for sounds that would define her diverse musical tastes. 

She was initially attracted by the sounds of Drum and Bass, accelerated breaks combined with powerful bass lines and atmospheres. This later transformed to a love for heavy industrial techno sounds, which reminded her of her passion for the raw energy hardcore punk and extreme metal.

In her sets she incorporates many different rhythms and styles, thus managing to connect with the audience providing a journey full of intensities and nuances, which go from cold and cruel textures to fiery breaks and full of energy.

Dactilar 99 · Dactilar Podcast Vol.2 / 004 – Dkstle

In 2019 DKSTLE became part of the Click Artist Agency South America roster, and was named as a resident of the “Espacio 93” Club, where she has shared the DJ booth with many great artists both local talent and international names.

DKSTLE · Podcast “The Outsiders” – Fnoob Techno Radio – April 2020.

In March 2020, She became part of the Ecosystem productions artists’ collective, and began co-hosting the four weekly show “The Outsiders”  with ANATTA on 

Check out DKSLTE on Tuesday/Wednesdays on the Outsiders every four weeks.  Next show 03 June 2020 Midnight 12am UK time 0100hrs CET  (02 June 2020 7pm Chile time)

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