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Resident profile: El Atalaya

We caught up Colombian resident El Atalaya:

El Atalaya, from Medellin Colombia,  became involved in electronic dance music after attending the parties in 2009.  He began to develop his own techno style and started playing out at top events such as Halloweekend in 2010.

in 2012 he had his first released as Audioexit (Hungary) and has since participated in labels like Oxytech, Subwoofer, mephyst Label, Bang Le Dex, Techno Vinyls, Black Bore, Technological, Industrial Techno United.

He has also joined forces to create music together with Auto kinetic, Vincent de Wit, Sascha Müller, BPMF, Ling ling and more

El Atalaya’s upcoming release on Techno Vinyl Records “The past is dead” sounds great – check it out! 

Catch El Atalaya’s show, Templar of my town, on Tuesdays every four weeks playing out at 3am UK time 0400 CET or 21hrs Meddellin time. Next show Wednesday 03 June 2020.

Traducción Español:

El Atalaya se interezo por la musica electronica de baile despues de asistir a los parties en el 2009, comenzo a desarollar su propio estilo y a mostrar su preferencia por tocar techno en sus presentaciones que comenzaron en fiestas del Oriente como Halloweekend en el año 2010.

En 2012 salieron sus primeros lanzamientos en Netlabels como Audioexit (Hungria) ahora participa en Labels como Oxytech, Subwoofer, mephyst Label, Bang Le Dex, Techno Vinyls, Black Bore, technological, Industrial Techno United.

Tambien ha unido fuerzas para crear Atalaya Music junto a
Auto kinetic,Vincent de Wit, Sascha Müller, BPMF, Ling ling y mas.


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