We got the low down on “Underground Source” host, Ivan Mikic. A producer and DJ originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina but now dropping the tunes in Dublin, Ireland:

Many times Ivan found himself behind the decks at private parties, after parties and parties he organized himself. He says that such underground parties are proof of the greatest love for music and a sense of community.

Precisely because of this, he perfectly understands the people who dance to his music and merge with it in front of his eyes. He understands this euphoria because he shares it with them. All these successful gigs lead him to his first performance at the festival held in Našice called La la land.

There he shared the DJ booth with a great friend and also a great young hope of the Croatian techno scene; Matija. After that, the door was wide open for him and he performed all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. He also performed at one of the biggest parties in his town of Orašje called Gotivan DC party.

It was there Ivan felt he had showed up; that he had his place in the scene and brought his own techno fans! Love, passion, emotion and good fun epitomise this young talented guy for whom there is a bright future.

Ivan’s shared the DJ booth with numerous DJs from neighboring countries such as:

Forest People, Davor Gvozden, SPUNK, Deep, Incept, Worda, Vladimir Acic,
Sugar Lobby, Lag, Sayyed Bandar, Indy Slide, Ivan Krpan, Ana Mi, Siky, Fixsell and many others …

IM deejay

His sets are imbued with the sounds of industrial techno; strong distorted bass lines,
the solid sound of rhythm machines all the way through to dark and hypnotic melodies with high BPM. Through each set, Ivan treats us to a magical story told by the sounds of techno. Ivan spends his free time producing, and so far he has released his songs on:

Parabola Records
Klinic Room Recordings
Technodrome Records
Document Records
Platform Records

At the beginning of 2017, Ivan and his friends started a new organization called
Underground Source; the main goal was to organize and promote parties and introduce people to the beauty and quality of the underground sound, where Ivan performed as a resident.
After a few well-done parties, he moved to Ireland where he launched his podcast of the same name. Once a month he invites underground guests to present their mixes to be
played on one of the world’s favourite techno radio, fnoobtechno.com.

Catch Underground source on Tuesday’s every four weeks. Next show at 4pm UK time 17hrs CET on 26 May 2020.