We caught up with Tuesday resident Kick Preservation Society to ask them a few questions…

Where are you from?


Who are your inspirations?

Guys like O.N.T.A.L, AnD and Ghost in the Machine

How long hve you been known as Kick Preservation Society?

I started Kick Preservation Society roughly 5 years ago

When was the first time you hung up or produced?

I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years as (DJ Technotrance) and I co-produced my first E.P in 1994

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

Far too many to mention! After nearly 30 years in the scene I have played at some huge events and released/remixed a lot of music!

Do you think there is something that makes you different?

Yeah i’m nearly 50 and I love hard as fuck music haha!

Where do you hope to go with your musical career?

At this stage of my career im hoping to take Kick Preservation Society as far as I can.

When did you first hear about fnoobtechno.com?

Through my good friend and fellow Scottish dj/producer Kenny Campbell.

Kick Preservation Society is a DJ/Producer from Scotland. You can catch them every 4th Tuesday at 9pm on Fnoob Techno!!