We caught up with French duo Klinken Circus (Eendracht and E-runner) to get the low down on the how and the why they do their thing: 



Where are you from? Rennes, France


When did you first become influenced by techno? (Pierre) – E Runner in the 90’s Rave and Free Parties scene  / (Baptiste) Eendracht during his travel To Rotterdam and With Festival Astropolis in Brest, France.

When did you first DJ and produce? (Pierre) E Runner in the 90’s Rave and Free Parties scene  / (Baptiste) Eendracht More recently 4/5 Years Ago.

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far ? Playing Together to “Les rencontres Alternatives” in Rennes and for a nice Open Air called “Ruisseau Disco” organized together with our collectives (ÖND and Silteplay). Also for a Local Festival called “Rock’n Solex”. (Most of the Time Local Events and in Bars) – They are not really Highlights, i would prefer to call them good moments playing and partying together.

Do you think there is anything that makes you different? Not really…But as many Dj’s and Ravers here in Britanny, we are very Dedicated to Techno and more generally Music and we are also very involved in our respectiv Local collectives (ÖND & Silteplay).  

Where do you hope to go with your musical career? We never really had any Idea of any career and we try to balance music with others things in life like friends, Family and also we try to help the local community as much as possible (in terms of musical and cultural aspect). We hope we can play together as long as possible! 

When did you first hear about fnoobtechno.com? We have been aware of Fnoob for a couple years now and a good Friend of us TAQT was a Tuesday Resident before us! 

Is there anything particular you want to promote in an article/blog about you?(It might be an upcoming track release, gig or mix post)! Next Klinken Circus Techno Show where we sometimes invite some local artists  + ÖND and Silteplay our Beloved and respective collectives !

Catch Klinken Circus on Tuesday’s every four weeks from 5pm UK time 18hrs CET, Next show 02 June 2020. 

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