Miss L, co-host of the infamous Cone parties and firm fnoob favourite and friend, shared her bio with us  – so we wanted to share it with you: 

Miss L, aka Elly Sew, hails from the distant shores of South America. Latin, afro and samba rhythms are in her blood and drive her passion for music and the dance scene. Inspired by the crazy, hedonistic showcase that is Tomorrowland, she witnessed the wonder that women DJs bring to the crowds, weaving and spinning their magic in ways that men simply cannot do. 

Playing alongside Dutch stalwart DJ Esmo, she discovered a love for techno which ignited the groove within her.

Her distinct mesmeric sound makes heads turn, set stages alight and people take notice.


A sonic aesthetic rooted in bass, colliding sharp acid sounds with industrial techno and even some smatterings of trance melodies, her mixes transfix those who listen as her emotion is evident.

Her selection, technique and energy are something to behold. If you get the chance – don’t miss out on Miss L!

Already a veteran of  radio stations, club sets and studio parties Miss L is a resident DJ for Cone events and has her own radio show on FnoobTechno Radio, “Confused emotions” playing out monthly on Friday nights .

Check out Miss L’s “Confused Emotions” show at 10pm UK time 23hrs CET on 05 June 2020