Introducing, in their own words, Sunday resident The Baron of MishMash

In terms of unique artists, french national The Baron Of MishMash offers an experience unparalleled by many. Born in the western-France commune of Cholet to a musical family, The Baron Of MishMash was always destined to follow a path of relative musicality. Heavily influenced from an early age by his father’s eclectic taste in contemporary music, it became quickly apparent that The Baron’s acoustic persona would be one filled with creatively varied possibilities.

After moving to London in the late ‘90s, The Baron got his first real taste of electronic music and more importantly, the art of being a DJ. Combining his expansive knowledge of many musical genres and his passion for underground dance music, The Baron then began to craft what is essentially his standout sound today.

Inspired by the likes of Sasha, Nick Warren, Chris liberator, Chinese Man, DJ Shadow and many more, The Baron Of MishMash definitive sound can be described as a deep and melodic mix of house and techno elements – with an emphasis on groove and eerie energy.

The Baron Of MishMash two-decade stint in London saw him build an impressive resume of performances across some of the capitals most revered club spaces. Some of his most notable experiences include the likes of Electric Brixton, 414, Egg London, Brixton Mass, Fire & Lightbox, The Coronet Theatre, Renaissance Rooms and Imperial Gardens. Playing at such prestigious venues has repeatedly offered The Baron Of MishMash to support some impressive names, including Dave the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Geezer, Bizzare Contact, X-Dream, Cosmosis and many more.

With a host of placements for his 7 Sins radio show including the globally-renowned TechnoLiveSets and Fnoob Techno Radio now in full swing, accompanied by several key releases in the pipeline, 2020 is shaping up to be a surprisingly progressive year for The Baron Of MishMash. With clubland due to make a resurgence any day now, The Baron’s ever-increasing presence within the electronic music world will no doubt see him continue to grow towards being a globally established artist on many levels.


website: www.thebaronofmishmash.comFB:

You can catch the Baron on 7Sins – The Sunday Session every 4 weeks at 7pm-9pm on Fnoob Techno!