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Resident Profile: Voodoopriester

At Fnoob Techno we pride ourselves on our community. We are a techno family. Some of our family have a rich history in the techno scene. One of them is Sunday resident… Voodoopriester:

Axel Lüers a.k.a. Voodoopriester, lives in Bremen/ Germany. His techno adventure started with  in 1995, after visiting first time the legendary “E- Werk“- Berlin.  Hooked immediately on the techno sound he jumped into production and his first release was in 1997, on his own label “Voodoomania Art & Sound”, on the CD “Voodoobeats – Bremen Underground Compilation“. More releases followed on “Voodoomania” as well as other labels. 

Axel’s first success was with the track “12-99“, released on the cusp of the millenium 31.12.1999 on Vinyl “Voodoomania 005”.The influential Axel Wirtz (A & R – Superstition / Hamburg) ranked this track number 2 in his DJ – Charts at the time. 

Axel also enjoyed joint releases the likes of  Michael Lambart from Northbeatz – Audio ( “Lüers & Lambart” and “Drumkombinat“) on Vinyl followed. In 1998 “Voodoomania” started organizing events. First “Voodoobeats 1 + 2”, after “Voodooculture” and “Aquarius”.  1998 was the start of the Voodpriester radioshow “Kanal Fatal”. the folowing year in 1999 the show was broadcasting on “EvoSonic”- Munich, too. 


Good radio shows never end, they get bettter! The show is still running… over 22 year later, albeit with some changes… now titled “Voodoo – Ritual“, broadcasting on Fnoob  Techno Radio. 

In 1998 Axel started his work as Live- PA playing out his productions and then later in 2001 he started DJ at parties too.


2006 saw a reduction in Axel’s workload which he puts down to “the boring minimal- epidemic.” However, things improved and in 2009 Axel saw a rebirth of the Underground Techno scene in Bremen again. The “Voodooculture” was reborn, and also his work as a DJ. Then fortunately for all of us in August 2012 he started producing again. He has released more than 250 tracks/remixes since this point (legend!)

Axel cites his highlights as: 

– 4-track ep, released on Capital Techno Records“(Austin / Texas) 

– 2 tracks released on Renesanz Records (Sofia / Bulgary), 

– Winning the Darker Sounds remix contest (one of the 4 winners – Hefty, Darker Sounds label boss, is an ex-resident and friend of Fnoob Techno).

– The track Kleiner Stinker was charted Number 1 by Marika Rossa in her DJ charts. 

– 4 track ep released on Sound Of Techno Records. 

– 10- track LP, together with Berri & Wald, released on Beast Factory Recordings

Axel – Voodoopriester – We salute you – 100% bonafide Techno warrior! 

Be sure to check out Voodoo Ritual every two weeks on Sundays at 4pm UK time 17hrs CET. Next show on Sunday 07 June 2020.

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