FNOOB Techno Radio Show Request Form

This is the official form for requesting a show on FNOOB Techno Radio.

Important notes about this form and our DJ selection process:
Submitting this form does not guarantee a show.
If you are asked to become a resident, we will do our best to accommodate your show frequency; do keep in mind that the current FNOOB Techno roster is very full and space on the schedule is extremely limited.
We appreciate your patience and your time in filling this form out as carefully as possible.
This form asks for your personal Facebook profile (not your public Page); although a personal Facebook profile is not required, it is presently our best method to communicate with resident FNOOB DJs.
If your situation or links change, or you wish to submit a more recent mix before you are contacted, it is appropriate to fill this form out again.

Submitting this form assumes you are familiar with FNOOB Techno Radio’s policy of exclusive resident shows that follow the techno genre. We do not air or accept offers for syndicated shows, or genres outside of techno (ie, no tech house, house, EDM, etc).