I caught up with Fnoob resident DJ Zuni ahead of the 9th anniversary of ‘Doppler Shift’. The Wednesday night show has seen a lot of success over the years. Featuring high-profile guests that have shaped the sound of the underground. From Bas Mooy (Mord), Rolando (RRR, UR), Heron (KMS, Soma), Dave the Drummer, to Stephen Brown (Transmat, Tresor, Djax).

Doppler Shift has a fine vintage thanks to Zuni. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Zuni play live, you should. His sets can range from the sublime to a full on workout that wouldn’t be out of place at Amsterdam’s Awakenings’. With more than 19 years of DJing in clubs, there’s a good reason why so many well-known DJs respect him. It’s not down to his unassuming persona but his skill and depth of knowledge of the genre.

Hi Zuni, we’d like to congratulate your 9th year of Doppler Shift on Fnoob techno. It’s quite an achievement. Can you tell our listeners a little about how the show came about and what brought you to Fnoob? Nine years ago, my then co-host, Gordon Barclay (Club 10-86, Vinyl Club) got a monthly slot on Fnoob. He asked me if I’d like to do a techno show with him. Gordon moved on to explore other projects. That’s when Dutch techno DJ / Producers, Vincent and Stephen De Wit joined. I’ve been flying solo for a few years now. 

What should we expect from the Anniversary special and what does it mean to you?

It’s about celebrating the connection in music with likeminded folks. Ingens live set is deep to disturbing. Storm’e is well cooking up a storm! KNOX is taking no prisoners and zuni can pull it out the bag to match these fine guests. We have a special 9hrs of techno to mark 9yrs of techno. 

Doppler Shift has been a massive part of your life, what does the show give back to you?

It’s an anchor point to music… I get a buzz from downloading the latest promos, 1 or 2 days before my set. Then seeing what I can do with music I’m not familiar with… haha. 

So, the Doppler shift is evolving?

It’s the music of the future… that’s what techno has been for me from the start. 

What’s the future of the Doppler shift?

Inviting past guests and supporters. giving passionate people a stage and not only having big names. 

If you could play Doppler shift live in any place in The world/universe, where would it be?

haha, Gashouder

Exterior of Gashouder, Amsterdam

I always like to ask it – what’s your favourite tune?

Laurent Garnier – Flashback

You’ve had some pretty big names on the show over the years so If Laurent Garnier wanted to do a set, would you be up for it?

Of course! I’d let him play a couple back to back. 

Who is your artist of the moment?

Michael Wells AKA G.T.O.

And, you’re favourite label?

Tresor…happy 30th!!! 

What’s happening with your label, Tribal Waves?

Hmm, there’s music there to start releasing again, but it’s tough to get back into it. Dedicating time to running a label is difficult at the moment. The last release got some great feedback from Laurent Garnier who said it was a “Great release”

What’s your most special ‘small’ clubbing experience. One of those wee gigs no one knew about that ended up being amazing?

It has to be Awakenings (Eindhoven) afterparty in ‘Fifties’ with Bas Mooy and Invite. It seemed like we were going into a house in the middle of the street. But it was a nice little basement venue with great sound considering there were homes on either side. That was the night I secured the first guest for Doppler, lol.

Do you have a favourite show?

Launching Doppler Shift with Bas Mooy! 

If you had to describe the Doppler shift in one word what would it be?


The Doppler Shift 9th Anniversary (Part 1) party kicks off, today –  Wednesday 24th March at 4 pm – 8 pm on Fnoob Techno. Everyone is welcome!