We’re fortunate at fnoobtechno.com to have a few like minded friends. We love techno, we love parties and we believe in the good of others and the sense of community. One of our friends based in East Scotland, Lee Buchanan, is the brains behind The Lick and and his new Venture, Unit 20. Lee has a message so we wanted to help share it:

The current pandemic has changed everything as we know it and this has effected The Lick and my new venture, Unit-20.

The plan had been to run my own fundraisers, bringing the worlds best underground acts to Fife backed up with Scotlands most innovative and skilled producers and DJs. This plan needs be shelved until better times, but will most definitely still be going ahead, just later than planned.

Once the ban is lifted we will be right in about it as quickly as we can with, The Lick – Post Apocalyptic All-Nighter, which will be a private event. For info contact thelicktechno. This party will be local acts only, as will all other The Lick events for the forseeable future.

Previous night at The Lick

Ive got a handful of guys and gals lined up for the next 2 all-nighters but we will be needing a lot of guys ready for up-coming events. If you want to play at The Lick, contact thelicktechno ONLY. Please don’t PM me privately. I’m looking for well experienced guys who know what they’re doing and know how to really f@#k $h!t up.

The Lick is a strictly underground techno night. Not business techno, any cores or teks – please don’t waste both our time asking to play music that isn’t underground techno. There will be many other events playing these genres at other Unit-20 events and I’m trying to draw a line between all events so were not all playing a mish-mash of all the same music.

An enjoyable Lick

I’m also needing acts for the chill out room, The Green Room. I have no idea where this room is going yet but theres no up beat music being played. If you think your music would fit in a chill out room atmosphere, get in touch at thelicktechno. Even a bit reggae, ska punk or whatever.

Ive got spaces open at all The Lick events for the young team and lesser experienced DJs. I’ll have 1st set of the night and last 2 sets of the night up for grabs at every The Lick party. Again, contact thelicktechno for info and strictly underground techno. A chance for you guys to get yur baws oot (Ed: This Scottish for strut your stuff :-)) and show us your stuff.

If you run a night in Scotland and would like to build a bridge, don’t be shy – get in touch. You’re very welcome. This is a healthy night with no cliques or snobbery, we’re looking to build a relationship with you all.

I urge everybody who supports the scene to get along to the upcoming Unit-20 fundraisers. These will be multi-genre, covering all aspects of music from bands who struggle to get near a stage, to world class underground techno nights – all in a Nissan shed in an old prisoner of war camp. This is a once in a lifetime thing and there for everyone to enjoy. We’re all on very fragile ground right now and support from our scene is needed more than ever. It will be slow to start but once things pick up the range of parties and acts will open up the more time goes on. All pretty exciting stuff!

For info on Unit-20, contact thelicktechno. The venue is up for hire to hold fundraisers. All ideas are welcome.

Check out The Lick Instagram and give them a follow!