Rob Libau aka Bleeping Tom is another Fnoob Techno stalwart. He’s been dropping bombs since way back – check him out: 

Eclictic Techno… That sums up Bleeping Tom’s style best. He plays all forms of techno, from minimal, to Industrial to Hard techno. Judge the man by his mashups (check out the amazing Regis vs Steve Stoll below!). His aim is always to surprise with the track choices he makes in his sets. Born in the late sixties he’s witnessed the rise of electronic music through the  80’s and 90’s.

Originally from Oss in the Netherlands. He currently lives in Eindhoven. During the 90’s he played at numerous underground parties but took a soujourn from it all before returning to spinning tunes in 2010. Since then he’s played out across the Netherlands and Germany.

Tom knows his way around a studio too. He’s released some tracks with the alias “KLONK” (collab with Rolf Bisschops AKA Revolve). Check out this acid number below which is free to download (YAY FREE TECHNO!): 

Bleeping Tom (NL) · Bleeping Tom – Analosick Distorphia (FREE DL)

Be sure to tune in to Tom’s Bliepcast on Saturday mornings every fortnight. Next show 11am UK time 1200hrs CET on 04 July 2020.