Brusseleer Carmelo Ponente, is due to return after a brief soujourn away from his Thursday night residency. Here’s the low down: 

Carmelo Ponente · Sound Pressure #10

Carmelo has adored electronic music since his childhood. He was always attracted to techno & electro, but admits to falling in love with the Hip Hop of the 90’s. Breaks and samples is where it was at.

Influenced by old school techno stalwarts like Dave Clarke and Jeff Mills, Carmelo likes it big, fast and well mixed!  Their style of mixing was something that felt natural to him. As in Hip hop Carmelo learned the basics; scratching, cutting, passing and other techniques to improve his way of mixing and bring his own unique touch.

Carmelo has had to pass on the chance to play in the biggest clubs in the Brussels  due to life events taking precedence, but now he is back on the scene and feels more motivated than ever by his love of techno & electro. He has now turned his hand to production too (watch this space). 

Since September 2018, he has been rocking his radio show  “Sound Pressure” on, where he feel he has the opportunity to express himself through his music.


Be sure to check out Carmelo’s Sound Pressure show on Thursday Every four weeks. Next show on Thursday 16 July 2020  at 6pm UK time 19hrs European time.