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Resident profile: Chris Van Deer

We put some questions to Monday night resident, Chris Van Deer, and this is what he told us: 

Where are you from?
Burghausen (Bavaria) / Germany

Who are your inspirations?
Jeff Mills, The Advent, Terence Fixmer, Cristian Varela, Monika Kruse, Elektrik Indigo, Gayle San, Ben Sims, Jay Denham, Glenn Wilson, and more … ..

When was the first time you were influenced by techno?
By chance with my quasar with the Thunderdome 3

When was the first time you hung up or produced?
First appearance in Ultraschall in Munich in 2000
First attempts as a producer since 2002

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?
every set is a highlight for me!

Do you think there is something that makes you different?
my vinyl traktor sets

Where do you hope to go with your musical career?
I don’t worry much about it, I rather let it go.

When did you first hear about
Stumbled upon it after my first internet radio show on Facebook 🙂

Chris is a producer (see some recent tracks above) and works with:Ableton Live, Maschine Studio, Roland TR-8, Doepfer 100 System, XBase09 As a producer he’s released tracks on Subwoofer Records, Betrieb Records, Lets Techno Records, High Prestige Records, Techno Never Dies Records, Creepy, SMR Underground Records, Perfect Darkness, Frame Workxx RecordsVenues played at:Munich  – Ultraschall (polymatrix)Weilheim – Baghira (e.x.p.a.n.s.i.o.n.)
Munich  – Radio Feierwerk – FM 92,
Mannheim – Radio sunshine live
Wien – LichtbogenTrimmelkam/Salzburg – Sakog Aside from Fnoob Techno Chris also works on Militia Underground web radio and Techno connection.
Catch Chris’ show Castle time with Chris Van Deer on 
Mondays every four week from 4pm UK / 5pm German time. Chris’ next show is Monday 02 November 2020.






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