We put some questions to Monday night resident, Chris Van Deer, and this is what he told us: 

Chris van Deer · DJ Chris van Deer @ Castle Time / Fnoob Techno Radio #6 Show 05.10.2020

Where are you from?
Burghausen (Bavaria) / Germany

Who are your inspirations?
Jeff Mills, The Advent, Terence Fixmer, Cristian Varela, Monika Kruse, Elektrik Indigo, Gayle San, Ben Sims, Jay Denham, Glenn Wilson, and more … ..

When was the first time you were influenced by techno?
By chance with my quasar with the Thunderdome 3

When was the first time you hung up or produced?
First appearance in Ultraschall in Munich in 2000
First attempts as a producer since 2002

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?
every set is a highlight for me!

Do you think there is something that makes you different?
my vinyl traktor sets

Where do you hope to go with your musical career?
I don’t worry much about it, I rather let it go.

When did you first hear about fnoobtechno.com?
Stumbled upon it after my first internet radio show on Facebook 🙂

Chris van Deer · SHOW OF HANDSChris is a producer (see some recent tracks above) and works with:Ableton Live, Maschine Studio, Roland TR-8, Doepfer 100 System, XBase09
As a producer he’s released tracks on Subwoofer Records, Betrieb Records, Lets Techno Records, High Prestige Records, Techno Never Dies Records, Creepy, SMR Underground Records, Perfect Darkness, Frame Workxx RecordsVenues played at:Munich  – Ultraschall (polymatrix)Weilheim – Baghira (e.x.p.a.n.s.i.o.n.)

Munich  – Radio Feierwerk – FM 92,4

Landau – Alcatraz (Prison Club)

Mannheim – Radio sunshine live
Töging – Magazin
Mattsee – Postkutsche
Wien – LichtbogenTrimmelkam/Salzburg – Sakog

Aside from Fnoob Techno Chris also works on Militia Underground web radio and Techno connection.
Chris van Deer · DJ Chris van Deer @ Fnoob Techno Radio / Castle Time #5 Show 07.09.2020
Catch Chris’ show Castle time with Chris Van Deer on fnoobtechno.com Mondays every four week from 4pm UK / 5pm German time. Chris’ next show is Monday 02 November 2020.