Ellie’s show “Sense ∞” is every four weeks Friday 7-9pm UK 



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Ellie told us she recently “stood up on the path of DJing” because of the inspiration and enthusiasm she felt experiencing and enjoying techno from all its perspectives: from melodic techno to industrial and acid.

Ellie started recording sets in the middle of 2018  and in 2019 she began a weekly radio show  on  and really enjoyed the opportunity to spread her techno vibe. 

Since August 2020 Ellie has been smashing it out on her show Sense ∞ on Fnoob Techno. She has had a host of acclaimed guests performing alongside her including Victor Violence, ARRAM, Daniel Oscuf, NOLDAR AKA NOISE EXPLICIT and PARAPHER to name but a few. 

Ellie has also provided guest mixes on some of Fnoob Techno competitors including, DI.FM , , Quest Radio, Dance tunes radio and Technolocos.

These guest mixes include Dark modular, Afterdark Athens, TechnoBulgaria, The Chamber Session, Re-Connect, RadioLDN, Dirtcast,  Musica Directory RamnusLabel and X-session .

You can listen to Ellie on her SoundCloud and Follow her on her Facebook. Ellie says, 
“Sharing my track selection is like opening up my soul: it reflects my character,  depends on the mood and makes the others feel the same way as I do.”


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Ellie, one of our residents, was born in Russia but for has been living in Athens since 2016.