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Resident profile: Pat Hurley

An Irishman living in London and living the underground techno life since waaaaay back. This man has probably forgotten more about  techno than you, me and your uncle Bob put together, and he also knows how to work a room better than many who claim to DJ, whether it’s a squat rave or fancy club, Patrick Hurley, has got juice: 

Playing a mix of US, European and UK techno since way back in the 90’s, London-based Pat Hurley got his first gigs with People 4 People sound system and gone on to play for Unsound, Shtonka, Hardware, The Satellite club, Insanity, Defcom 1, Pendulum, Parallel YouniversityMegatripolisAnalogue City, Absolute, Redeye, E1 sound, One Louder, Uber, Mindscapes, Techno in the City, Fabric, KSS, Family Groove, Butterfly Effect, Electronic 17, Resonate and Futurist, as well as co-promoting events such as Solution, Beyond and pistonTec.

He’s also played all around the UK including the Glastonbury festival and abroad in France, Holland, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Patrick runs the Open Source record label, on which he releases his own productions with a smashing line up of awesome  tracks and great remixes. Including tracks from artists such as Mike Humphries, Jeff Amadeus, Maxx, Sunil Sharpe, Tearz, Sebastien Marx, MUtaTe & DistoRt and Fabulous 23s. Pat can also be found producing under his pseudonym Psych L-5.



Pat presents his fantastic Open Source Sessions on Fnoob Techno on Wednesdays at 8pm UK time 21 hrs CET every four weeks. Be sure to check out his next show on 01 July 2020. 



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