We caught up with Peter Blackfish – here’s his bio: 

Peter Blackfish ( Beatmap records / New Interplanetary Melodies / Kuro Jam )

  Born in 1978 in a tight knit Taiwanese family Peter grew up in Rome, Italy. Educated and devoted to music at an early age, both of his parents were musicians and doctors, so he inherited strong artist genes. As soon as his hands could grab something, he learned how to play drums, percussion and piano. 

At the age of 12, he started to play with electronic music with a computer and a drum machine. Soon after, he fell in love with the art of turntablism. At the age of 17, Peter felt he hit an important milestone whilst also being influential, becoming the first Asian/Italian Dj in the Roman underground techno rave culture and free party scene of mid-late 90’s.



Operating in the underground, miles away from the mainstream dance music scene, his unique style and technique of mixing tunes became well known and highly appreciated in warehouse parties, festivals and clubs

In 2019 Peter celebrated 25 years of deejaying, releasing new tracks for 2 recognised record labels on the european underground electronic music scene and receiving postive acclaim from a new generations Djs

Releases on Beatmap records – N.I.M./KuroJam.

As an owner of his own new independent record label (BEATMAP records) he is travelling and connecting within Asia and Europe, promoting his new releases as well as searching for hidden talent in new artists to bring on board. Peter is always looking for creative collaborations and to expand the possibilities to continue reinventing and influencing. 

Catch Peter on Tuesday’s every four weeks from 11pm UK 00hrs CET (Weds) joint FNT2 on the Proelium show. Next show Tuesday May 18th 2020.