Tom Nihil is one of’s longest running residents. His ear for techno gives his mixes something a little bit different, he’s got a lot of fans – and that’s just in the management crew! We love Tom. Here’s his bio:

Nihil verum, omnia licita!
Nichts ist wahr, alles ist erlaubt!

(Ed: Both translate to – Nothing true, all things permitted)

Playing his unique form of deep & dark techno, always looking for the most psychedelic, mind twisting but still groovin tunes, ToM NiHiL quickly draws attention for his understanding of Techno.

Since his first contact with this musical style he continues to not only play these tunes, but lives them… infecting the crowd with his passion and energy.

Based in Hannover, Germany he became Stressfucktor (Hannover’s first
Address in terms of Techno) resident few month after playing his first gig for them in 2010. In addition he got bookings at the “Kanzlernacht” in Berlin, the “Wonderland” festival and many other events in Germany.

He gets international attention with his podcast “Nihilism” broadcast monthly on, that has now run for many years.

The next logical step in his development was his decision to produce his own tracks. So far there have been releases on Darker Sounds, Subvibez, Plazma, Subwoo- fer, Oxytech Records, Black Drop, Technodrome, De-Konstrukt, Ushuaia Music, Let’s Tech- no, Art Style: Techno and more.


Convince yourself… Check him out. Sundays every four weeks from 9pm UK time 22 hrs CET. Next show on 31 May 2020.