Maltese residents VX bang it out on Tuesdays here on Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

VX Music Style: We are an electronic duo with deep roots in hardcore and techno music. Heavily influenced by leading artists I Hate Models, KRTM, Johannes Heil and Helena Hauff, our style combines a harsh and fast play-style with alluring acid and melodic elements. 

The Start of VX: We started around August 2016 and started producing music in our garage, which we have turned into a studio as the years went by.

VX studio

Where VX Plays: We usually practice and produce in our music studio. Outside the studio, we do variations of DJ Sets and Live Sets -this is usually at popular clubs like Liquid Club and The Warehouse Club. There we have played alongside international artists like UVB, Keepsakes and Ossian.

VX’s Upcoming Projects: We just released an EP called MOON; this is our first ever Spotify release. We’re also working on our second album.

VX “Moon” EP in Spotify


Catch VX’s “Distort” show every four weeks on Tuesday’s at 5pm UK time 18hrs CET. Next show on 26 May 2020.